USC SDA – Performing English Speaking Certificate


Non Degree Certificate Program.

This certificate program, offered through the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts, introduces students to performance and public speaking in English. Students explore English performance during four 4-week modules, which cover a range of performance topics. 






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During the 16-week Performing English program, students explore the complexities of public speaking and work to build their confidence as public speakers. Students will develop speaking skills to better connect with their audiences, improve their speaking voices, and become more comfortable with spontaneity in live performance.

This program features four 4-week modules (16 live classes total):

Module 1:

Speaking the Text

Explore how to communicate thoughts, emotions and intentions clearly, by examining dialogue from plays and films.

Module 2:

Public Speaking

Learn the art of presenting and expressing yourself in public, engaging your audience, and developing and delivering persuasive content.

Module 3:

Developing your speaking voice

Discover techniques and exercises to enhance your articulation, intonation, your confidence and range as a speaker.

Module 4:


Learn to think on your feet in public speaking situations, be comfortable “in the moment,” and develop your ability to collaborate as a speaker.


Module 1: Speaking the Text

Explore how thoughts, emotions and intentions are conveyed in classic scripts from stage and film. 

  1. Week 1 Class (2 Hours)
  2. Week 2 Class (2 Hours)
  3. Week 3 Class (2 Hours)
  4. Week 4 Class (2 Hours)

Module 2: Public Speaking

Develop your ability to present and engage the audience, through a variety of public speaking exercises and assignments.

  1. Week 5 Class (2 Hours) 
  2. Week 6 Class (2 Hours)
  3. Week 7 Class (2 Hours)
  4. Week 8 Class (2 Hours)

Module 3: Developing Your Speaking Voice

Learn techniques and work with exercises for developing your speaking voice, including improving articulation and intonation and increasing your range. 

  1. Week 9 Class (2 Hours)
  2. Week 10 Class (2 Hours)
  3. Week 11 Class (2 Hours)
  4. Week 12 Class (2 Hours)

Module 4: Improvisation

Develop your ability to improv and perform without a script through exercises, and learn techniques for improvising in conversation and during performances.

  1. Week 13 Class (2 Hours)
  2. Week 14 Class (2 Hours)
  3. Week 15 Class (2 Hours)
  4. Week 16 Class (2 Hours)


Rob Clare - Shakespeare Specialist


Shakespeare Specialist |

Rob Clare is an internationally recognized specialist, who has taught or directed Shakespeare in Ireland, India, Austria, Germany, Australia, China and the US. His freelance work includes coaching the core acting ensembles of the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Britain’s leading repertory company, the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. In the US, he has been visiting faculty at UCLA, The Juilliard School, Yale, USC Los Angeles, CSU Long Beach, CSU Los Angeles, and NYC Tisch (both graduate and undergraduate acting).


Do I Earn A Certificate Through The USC School Of Dramatic Arts?

Yes, this course is taught by instructors from the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Your certificate will be sent through USC School of Dramatic Arts with your name and the name of the certificate completed. Fight On! (The Trojan Motto).

Who Will I Be Working With?

Your primary instructor is listed in the “Instructor section” above.

How Many Classes Does It Take To Complete The Certificate?

Great question! To earn this certificate, you must complete four 4-week courses. View the “Curriculum tab” to see details about weekly assignments and class topics.

How Long Does The Program Take To Complete?

This program takes 16 weeks to complete, so you can earn the certificate in one semester.

How Often Do The Class Sessions Meet?

Once A Week. Students Meet Once A Week For 4 Weeks. Each Class Session Is 2 Hours In Length. The Date And Time For Each Course Will Be Reflected On The Course Details Page.

Are Class Sessions Online? Are They Live Or Pre-Recorded?

This program includes weekly live class sessions. Students have access to recorded lectures after the class period, as well.

What If I Miss A Class, Or Want To Review The Class?

No problem. You will be able to access all recorded sessions at your convenience. You’ll see this recording once you login and access ‘My Dashboard’ after the class has ended for the day.

What If I Miss The Start Date Of A Class? How Often Are The Courses Offered?

Each course will be offered on a rolling four-week cycle. So you need only wait until the next month.

How Do I Pay? Can I Pay In Parts?

Payment is required prior to the start of the first day of class. To enroll and pay for a class, select the “Register” button on the course details page; then follow steps to complete payment.