Actors’ ACTIONS Supercharger Workshop


You have the opportunity to take this course as an Auditor or a Participant.

A Participant is able to work and receive feedback from the instructor, while an Auditor is able to observe and learn without needing to be active in front of other students.






Live Webinar




Tense and in your head? Insecure about your choices? Not looking like you know you could?

There’s an exciting, yet surprisingly simple solution that really works.
Playing actions in your work is likely not new for you, but after many years of teaching I started to realize something vital. While most actors get actions (verbs/intentions/tactics) on a basic, rather intellectual level, they don’t actually know how to select, embody and really land a powerful action on another character in a way that moves the story forward.
In this laser focused 3-week workshop I’m going to teach you how. And the results are very exciting.

When done well, a good action sets you free. It releases you and transmutes your nerves. It demands that you listen and unleashes your spontaneity. And most importantly, it affects the other character and tells the story on the page. A good action helps you really live the scene instead of act it.

And it can also pay the bills, my friend.
Walk away from this class feeling empowered, excited and ready to deliver your very best work in auditions, on camera and for live audiences.

What to Expect:

  • While this is not quite a scene class, working class participants will be given scenes and/or monologues to prepare in advance. Material will be mostly film and TV sides as well as some material from plays.
  • Each week all participants and auditors will be given assignments/experiments to complete for the following week.
  • Each class will consist of lecture, group exercises and some short scene work through the lens of playing actions.
  • Actors will come away with a solid roadmap for making strong action choices and embodying them with confidence in auditions, film, tv and theatre.

Weekly Breakdown

Each week will consist of one, 2-hour session:

  • Week 1 – The Big Picture
  • Week 2 – Personal Life Actions, Embodying Actions & Scene Work
  • Week 3 – Actioning + Embodiment with a Partner & Scene Work




Founder & CEO – Real Actor’s Lab |

I’m Sarah Gaboury and what I do best is help actors let go of their crutches and old bags of tricks so they can tell the story (instead of kill the story)! The result is consistent, quality work whether they’re self-taping, in the room or on set. A few things you might like to know about me: I have a killer reputation with agencies, management companies and inside the casting community with the best folks across the country. Lots of working actors, even some award-winning ones, think I know what I’m talking about and that I’m awesome. My clients work on hit shows, in film and on Broadway. I care deeply about artists and making an impact on the world. I really don’t like cilantro.



Do I Earn A Certificate Through The USC School Of Dramatic Arts?

Yes, this course is taught by instructors from the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Your certificate will be sent through USC School of Dramatic Arts with your name and the name of the certificate completed. Fight On! (The Trojan Motto).

Who Will I Be Working With?

Your primary instructor is listed in the “Instructor section” above.

How Many Classes Does It Take To Complete The Certificate?

Great question! To earn this certificate, you must complete four 4-week courses. View the “Curriculum tab” to see details about weekly assignments and class topics.

How Long Does The Program Take To Complete?

This program takes 16 weeks to complete, so you can earn the certificate in one semester.

How Often Do The Class Sessions Meet?

Once A Week. Students Meet Once A Week For 4 Weeks. Each Class Session Is 2 Hours In Length. The Date And Time For Each Course Will Be Reflected On The Course Details Page.

Are Class Sessions Online? Are They Live Or Pre-Recorded?

This program includes weekly live class sessions. Students have access to recorded lectures after the class period, as well.

What If I Miss A Class, Or Want To Review The Class?

No problem. You will be able to access all recorded sessions at your convenience. You’ll see this recording once you login and access ‘My Dashboard’ after the class has ended for the day.

What If I Miss The Start Date Of A Class? How Often Are The Courses Offered?

Each course will be offered on a rolling four-week cycle. So you need only wait until the next month.

How Do I Pay? Can I Pay In Parts?

Payment is required prior to the start of the first day of class. To enroll and pay for a class, select the “Register” button on the course details page; then follow steps to complete payment.

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